How To Install Magento 2 Quality Patches

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by Silvia Wang

Magento Quality Patches is a tool that helps developers to check and implement source code patches developed by Adobe and the Magento open source community. Using the code, developers are able to see the list of available patches for your Magento store version, apply it, and / or revert the patches. In order to get the quality patches tool, you need to run install it via the composer.

composer require magento/quality-patches --with-all-dependencies -vvv

After installation, you will be able to see the available commands by running the list command. And status command to see the list of patches.

<magento_root>/vendor/magento/magento-cloud-patches/bin/magento-patches list
<magento_root>/vendor/magento/magento-cloud-patches/bin/magento-patches status

If you find a patch that might be useful for your store, you can apply it by running the apply command and the code of the patches.

<magento_root>/vendor/magento/magento-cloud-patches/bin/magento-patches apply <patch_id>

If you are on Adobe Commerce cloud, you can add the quality patches you want to apply on the .magento.env.yaml file, but if you are not, be sure to run the apply command above when you install / upgrade your vendor folder through composer.

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