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Integrate innovative and robust technology into your strategy and operation to achieve your business objectives

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Technology and Development

Technology and Development

Build the right tools for the job and take advantage of technological advances to assist you in gaining competitive edge over your competitors.

Devops and Hosting

DevOps and Hosting

Get the right environment customized with a cost-effective solution with reliable performance and disaster recovery contingency plan.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

We are ready to help and support your team in handling daily operations, new features, change requests, and digital housekeeping.

Creative and Experience

Creative and Experience

We always put the client and customers in mind to make sure that users can utilize and get the most out of the system.

Strategy and Research

Strategy and Research

We offer a broad range of tools and experience to help you build a winning strategy and reach a data-driven conclusions.

Security and Compliance

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Take the necessary steps to defend and protect your business from cyber threat and ensure compliance with regulations.

Propelling Business Through Technological Trends

Seketik is built on a foundation of knowledge. Through experience, resource sharing, training, and certification, we have built a collaborative environment where our team members keep each other growing and accountable. With the ever growing stack of solutions and applications, Seketik is here to help your business innovate through technological advancement. Our diverse skill set and unwavering dedication position us as more than just a service provider; we are committed in the journey to bring success to your business.

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Simplifying Project Development for Businesses

Seketik is dedicated to helping you streamline your project process.
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  • Project Process Flow

    • Define project goals and requirements
    • Conduct initial research and gather requirements
    • Identify stakeholders and create a project plan
  • Project Assessment & Proposal

    • Review gathered information from the discovery phase
    • Present proposal to stakeholders for approval
    • Negotiate terms and finalize agreements
  • Development & Quality Assurance

    • Design, develop, and implement the project
    • Conduct regular testing and ensure quality standards
  • Delivery & Deployment

    • Finalize the product and prepare for launch
    • Deploy the product and monitor for issues
  • Maintenance & Support

    • Provide ongoing support and perform updates
    • Address feedback and monitor performance

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Building Digital Blocks for Your Business

The rise of technology, pandemic, and artificial intelligence has accelerated digital transformation to businesses as a lot of people are obliged to do remote work and shop online during lockdown. Suddenly, having an online presence is a critical aspect of building and expanding your business. With the right tools and digital blocks, you can create an online system that offers a great online experience for your customers and efficient data handling and workflow. Seketik is here to help businesses navigate digital spaces and choose the right system to achieve your goals.

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